The smart Trick of victory That Nobody is Discussing

→ نَصْر vítězství sejr Sieg νίκη victoria voitto victoire pobjeda vittoria 勝利 승리 overwinning seier zwycięstwo vitória победа seger ชัยชนะในการสงคราม zafer chiến thắng 胜利

He must make an presenting for the lions at dawn before he usually takes Victory. The using of a queen demands a human presenting!"

From Longman Dictionary of Present-day Englishvictoryvic‧to‧ry /ˈvɪktəri/ ●●● W2 noun (plural victories) [countable, uncountable]    WINa circumstance wherein you acquire a struggle, recreation, election, or dispute OPP defeatvictory around/towards  the Raiders’ 35–seventeen victory over St Louisvictory for  The courtroom’s decision signifies a victory for all Women of all ages. → Pyrrhic victoryCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + victorya excellent/important victoryHe mentioned the court docket’s choice was an incredible victory.a simple victoryArsenal predicted a simple victory.a decisive victoryThe battle was a decisive victory to the US. a landslide victory (=a gain by an incredibly significant sum within an election)No one experienced predicted this kind of landslide victory.a crushing victory (=a get by an exceptionally big total)Australia gained a crushing 139-operate victory above the West Indies.a slim victory (=a win by a small amount of money)A common election on Oct. five produced a slender victory to the People today’s Progressive Social election/electoral victoryThe Democrats have been celebrating their election victory.a navy victoryone of the overall’s most renowned armed forces victoriesa moral victory (=when you clearly show your beliefs are suitable, Even though you get rid of the argument)The victims’ family members claimed the verdict as being a ethical victory.verbswin/rating a victoryToday We have now received an important victory.lead any person to victoryShe led her group to victory during the finals.clinch victory (=ultimately gain)Adams scored A final-minute aim to clinch victory.pull off a victory (=gain when it is difficult)Martin pulled off a surprise victory inside the semi-closing.sweep to victory (=win effortlessly)Nixon swept to victory by forty seven million votes to 29 million.victory + NOUNvictory celebrationsThe victory celebrations went on all night time.a victory paradeThey plan to maintain a victory parade.a victory lap (=every time a profitable runner or player runs throughout the participating in area)He then took a victory lap across the arena.phrasesa string of victories (=a number of victories)The staff received a string of victories.Typical Problems ► Don’t say ‘get victory’ or ‘receive the victory’. Say gain a victory or get victory. THESAURUSvictory noun [countable, uncountable] a predicament wherein you win a battle, recreation, election, or disputeThe crowds celebrated Italy’s victory from England.The bash won a comfortable victory in the general election.We’re quite self-confident of victory.

At the outset look, it might be tempting to interpret this extravagant level of payment like a victory for the at the time-humble intern.

Lying with us is so cherished and authorized, that there are over and over gamings and prizes thus purposely, to stimulate one to outlie the opposite. And what shall he attain that will get the victory in lying? He shall Possess a silver whetstone for his labour.

carry the day To earn out in a very battle or Opposition, usually one among some length, for instance a political campaign or legislative tug of war. The phrase have it ‘to get the struggle, bear the palm’ appeared previously than have the day, which too was made use of initially On this more literal battling sense.

Paulo Coelho inside the Manuscript Present in Accra advised victory and defeat are initial fought within the understanding of love, the pain thereof is a supply of upcoming victory and they are of honour and Pleasure, it truly is proposed the aged are experienced with love and discomfort, understanding both equally is like being aware of victory:

In Planet War II, a group of Nazi officers think of a propaganda function where an all-star Nazi workforce will Engage in a group made up of Allied prisoners of war in the soccer (football) game. The prisoners concur, organizing on using the video game as a way of escape from the camp. Penned by

bear absent the bell To become the winner; to hold off the palm; being preeminent. The previous custom made of presenting a golden or silver bell towards the winner of the race or other contest could be the source of hear absent the hell.

в нижеприведенной форме. Заполните пожалуйста поле "Жалоба или предложение".

Tricky trucker Lincoln Hawk is set to earn back his son and triumph at the entire world arm wrestling championships.

defeat, licking - an unsuccessful ending into a wrestle or contest; "it absolutely was a narrow defeat"; "the military's only defeat"; "they experienced a convincing licking"

adj. cheap or of poor quality: generally not voluntarily utilised Employed in George Orwell's e book as being a brand name for various low-cost typical problem objects including Victory Cigarettes, Victory Gin, Victory Mansions, and so forth.

Disaster in a The big apple tunnel as explosions collapse the two ends of it. A person hero attempts to aid the people inside of locate their way to protection.

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